Elizabeth and Owen have been invaluable to us as we’ve dealt with an explosion of Trademark and IP infringements over the last several years. Their approach has always been personal, yet professional, and I appreciate the fact that we’re treated like partners as opposed to just clients. They welcome the insights we have about our own brand, applying their expertise along with the proprietary knowledge we provide. I can’t emphasize how important that is to a niche brand such as Thrasher Magazine.

Tony Vitello, President and Publisher, High Speed Productions, Inc., dba Thrasher Magazine

Thrasher Magazine Logo
Tony Vitello

We have worked with Elizabeth, Owen, and Crown for several years and the things that stand out for me about their practice is that I always appreciate their quick response, detailed follow-up, and any special requests that we have they always work with us to go above and beyond and exceed our expectations.

Todd B. Rubin, Minister of Evolution, The Republic of Tea

The Republic of Tea Logo
The Republic of Tea

“Elizabeth and Owen, they’ve got it goin’,

And treat us like we’re Kings.
More importantly, they know IP,
And entertainment things.

Years ago, when times were slow,
We “poked the bear” you see,
But Elizabeth the Great, did not hesitate,
And Owen joined with She.

Together bound, they then unwound,
The complexities of marks.
They fought for us, they earned our trust,
And silenced [Name Withheld due to Confidentiality Agreement]’s barks!

And now we stand, astride the land,
We’re Financial Avengers®
We own that name and the content game,
Is ours for eternity.1

But this odd ballad, pale and pallid,
Cannot explain to thee,
The honest crutch and human touch,
That Crown®, LLP is to we.

They are our friends, until the end,
We rely on them constantly.
So don’t be stupid – it’s undisputed –
Hire them instantly.”

The Captain, The Oracle, Financial Avengers Inc.

1 As Elizabeth Rest, Owen Seitel, and Crown, LLP will assuredly inform you, no trademark lasts forever, and eternity, given its infinite state, cannot be quantified. Therefore, this sentence is hyperbole, and our testimonial makes no claims to the ‘eternal’ nature of Crown, LLP’s work in trademark, entertainment, and intellectual property law. We do, however, own our marks now and in the future – here, there, and everywhere – and because of that, we highly recommend their services. Not only are they exceptional attorneys, they are also delightful human beings.

Financial Avengers

I work with dozens and dozens of trademark attorneys around the world and I rank Elizabeth among the best. She is extremely knowledgeable, responsive, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. I consider her an integral part of Jelly Belly’s global brand protection efforts and she has my highest recommendation.

Mark R. Leonard, Former General Counsel at Jelly Belly Candy Company

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Jelly Belly Candy Company

Kala Brand Music has five brands with trademarks in 46 countries plus the European Union. We have worked with Elizabeth since 2012 to navigate the filing, registration, maintenance, and policing of these marks with great results. The team at Crown, LLP are a pleasure to work with and have added incredible value to our company’s Intellectual Property.

Michael J. Upton, President, Kala Brand Music Co.

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Kala Brand Music Co.

Owen has provided me valuable counsel and representation in my endeavors in the film industry for decades. In my work as a screenwriter, Owen has assisted with the negotiation and documentation of option and sale agreements as well as counsel concerning guild issues and co-writing scenarios. As a producer and director Owen has assisted throughout the development and production process, from contracting with personnel and vendors through distribution. I highly recommend Owen, Elizabeth and Crown to anyone involved in the creative industries.

Robert Archer Lynn, Screenwriter, Producer

Robert Archer Lynn, Screenwriter & Producer

For nearly fifteen years I’ve worked with Owen and Elizabeth of Crown on everything from publishing contracts to copyright issues and establishing trademarks. The longevity of our relationship speaks volumes. Owen and Elizabeth have been incredibly helpful on all fronts over the years and I continue to value their insight, advice, and thoroughness immensely.

Heidi Swanson, 101 Cookbooks,QUITOKEETO, and more.

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Heidi Swanson, 101 Cookbooks

Owen and Elizabeth have provided me trusted and valuable counsel on legal and business issues for many years. Owen’s knowledge of the law applicable to fitness/martial arts studios, and Elizabeth’s knowledge of trademark law, has kept my operations on the right side of the law and, with their assistance, we established a successful instructor training and certification program, which allowed me to expand my offerings. Recently, when it became necessary to quickly expand our online training program, Owen and Elizabeth were there to assist with the myriad intellectual property issues inherent in creating and distributing audio-visual content online and securing our branding elements as more of our training moved from in-person to online.

Neal Newman, Vanguard Krav Maga and Academy Self Defense 

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Academy of Self Defense

I have had the privilege of working with Elizabeth Rest and her team at Crown, LLP for over 3 years and have been very pleased with the quality and level of service that we have received. Elizabeth is highly responsive, both in processing routine trademark matters as well as in addressing more complex issues. She and her team proactively facilitate the management of our trademark portfolio and provide sage guidance to us on a range of trademark, copyright, and related intellectual property matters. As an example, she provided us with strategic advice and engaged directly with opposing counsel on a trademark dispute, which led us to an acceptable resolution. She also facilitates our global trademark and copyright protections, helping us to avoid the time and increased expense of working directly with firms in each jurisdiction where we do business. I greatly appreciate the level of partnership that Elizabeth and Crown have provided and look forward to our ongoing relationship and work together.

Ross Agre, General Counsel, Cast & Crew Entertainment Services, LLC

Cast & Crew Entertainment Services, LLC Logo
Cast & Crew Entertainment Services, LLC

Crown has been great counsel for us at Joffer Beverage Company. Elizabeth has been very responsive, concise, dependable, to the point, reliable, knowledgeable, and accessible. We appreciate her personable style, but with the utmost professionalism and expertise. We give Crown our full support and would recommend Elizabeth and Owen of Crown, LLP to anyone who needs high-level attorney service with down to earth interactions.
Andrew Joffer, Founder and Manager, Joffer Beverage Company

Joffer Beverage Company