Creative Agencies Law Services

At Crown®, LLP, we counsel those in the business of providing creative services and deliverables to others. We advise on a broad range of contractual and intellectual property issues of concern to creative agencies such as:

  • Negotiating and drafting Master Services Agreements and Statements of Work
  • Trademark clearance and availability analysis, protection, registration, policing, enforcement, and licensing/assignment
  • Copyright work-for-hire issues and contracting, protection, registration, and licensing/assignment
  • Right of Publicity licensing, including sponsorship and endorsement negotiations and agreements
  • Work-for-hire agreements
  • Typeface / Font licensing
  • Ownership / Joint ownership agreements and dispute resolution
  • Protection and policing of intellectual property rights
  • Licensing issues

We work closely with our clients in their contract negotiations, including providing experienced guidance concerning the terms of Master Services Agreements and Statements of Work, whether you are the provider or recipient of creative services. We also assist in ensuring appropriate insurance coverage and indemnity provisions. When drafting contracts for creative agencies’ services, we seek to provide the parties with clarity concerning the deliverables, and the respective parties’ ownership and licensing rights, clearance responsibilities, and payment obligations.

At Crown® our goal is to help both those providing and those receiving creative services enter into clear, concise creative services agreements so our clients can focus on providing, or receiving, top-notch creative services and content. Crown® attorneys are experienced in the operational and intellectual property issues unique to creative services providers.

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