Why Crown Law?

Welcome to Crown®, LLP, your partners for Advising Creativity®

At Crown®, LLP, we are brand builders and portfolio protectors. We offer tailored services, including trademark, copyright, licensing, business formation, intellectual property enforcement, right of publicity, contract negotiation, and much more. We help everyone from large corporations to individual artists. For a sample list of who we help, head on over here.

We love working closely with our clients to understand and support their goals and future growth. This is not just a sign on the dotted line and run situation. We are here for the long haul.

Crown®, LLP is here to help you identify, capture, and protect:

  • Your Brand
  • Your Creative Work
  • Your Logo
  • Your Design
  • Your Art
  • And Your Business
Elizabeth J. Rest and Owen Seitel

Elizabeth and Owen
Crown®, LLP