Entertainment Law

What is entertainment law?

The entertainment industry is broad and continuously expanding, encompassing publishing, music, film, TV, live theater, gaming, sports, and much more, often distributed in an array of different media – from old-fashioned paper and film to digital media, including NFTs. Some entertainment content operates within industry-specific legal structures that must be understood, such as copyright in the music industry, while a broad range of laws will typically be implicated in the process of creating, distributing, and generating revenue from all forms of entertainment content. To further complicate things, creating and distributing entertainment content is often a collaborative process involving multiple people and entities. Entertainment law deals with these complex issues arising out of the intersection of labor law, copyright, trademark, and the right of publicity and, in some situations, the additional overlay of union and guild agreements. At Crown®, LLP, we are well-versed in the law and norms applicable to those involved in creating, distributing, and exploiting entertainment content and providing clients with experienced and responsive counsel necessary for success in the multimedia, entertainment, and sports industries.

Who do we work with?

We work with a variety of entertainment professionals and industries, including but not limited to:

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