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    Reach out today if you have any questions about Crown®, LLP or how we can work together. One of our legal professionals will be happy to contact you. We are conveniently located in downtown San Francisco, close to public transportation.

    Here at Crown, LLP we believe that creativity and valuable intellectual property are found in all industries, whether you are just starting your business venture or are well-established. Crown can help your business identify and protect its valuable assets, including copyrighted materials, trademarks and branding elements, right of publicity licenses, and much more. Whatever business you’re in, you likely have valuable intellectual property that we can assist in protecting and monetizing, allowing you to focus on being creative. If your work involves creating, securing, or distributing intellectual property, or if you are any type of business seeking to secure and use content created by others, chances are Crown, LLP can help you.

    At Crown®, LLP, we are brand builders and portfolio protectors. We offer tailored services, including trademark, copyright, licensing, business formation, intellectual property selection, protection, and enforcement, right of publicity, contract negotiation, and much more. We help everyone from large corporations to individual artists and creatives of all sorts. Crown, LLP clients love working with us!

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