Do you need general legal counsel services but do not have the need or ability to hire a lawyer on staff?

Whether you are an individual seeking to turn your passion into a business, a team of people looking to organize and collectively pursue a business venture, or an established business that isn’t quite big enough (yet!) to justify in-house counsel, Crown®, LLP can help.

Although you may not have the need or funds to engage full-time in-house legal counsel, you need a lawyer on your team to address the myriad legal issues that arise, and to anticipate those coming your way. These can include contract negotiations with vendors and other third parties, business formation and maintenance, intellectual property registration, exploitation, and enforcement, employment, lease and other real estate issues, and the list goes on. Crown®, LLP can be the team member you need to address these issues. Crown provides fractional, or “outside,” general legal counsel services delivering a broad range of services commonly needed by both start-ups and established businesses. We have the flexibility to meet your general counsel needs on your terms and on an as-needed basis.

Some of the fractional general legal counsel services we provide:

  • Business Entities and Startups: Helping with business entity selection, formation, and capitalization, agreements among founders, ongoing entity upkeep, and everything in the entity lifecycle – from formation, to merger/acquisition, to dissolution.
  • Contracts: Reviewing, negotiating, and revising the myriad agreements necessary in any business endeavor, and making sure that you understand what you are getting into, including leases, vendor agreements, employment and severance agreements, intellectual property co-existence and consent agreements, licenses, and assignments, non-disclosure agreements, distribution agreements, work-for-hire agreements, buy-sell and buyout agreements, partnership agreements, bylaws, operating agreements, and much more.
  • Business Operations: Asking the important questions, such as: Can you do that? Should you do that? How should you do that? Keeping you on the right side of the law and ensuring that you are entering into deals that meet your business’s needs. Handling all manner of commercial contracts, including distribution and licensing agreements, co-packing agreements, service agreements, property and equipment leases, insurance coverage, and much more.
  • Employment/Contractors/Labor Law: Preparing offer letters and employment agreements, work-for-hire agreements, employee handbooks, wage and hour compliance, non-disclosure agreements, terminations, and independent contractor agreements.
  • Intellectual Property: Guiding you through selecting, protecting, registering, exploiting, and enforcing trademarks and original copyrightable works, negotiating sponsorship and endorsement agreements, joint-ownership negotiations and agreements, co-branding agreements, work-for-hire agreements, license agreements, and assignments.
  • Insurance: Identifying areas of potential liability and assistance in securing appropriate insurance coverage.

In short, we provide the peace of mind of having general legal counsel that knows your business and is on your side without you having to hire a full-time, in-house employee. We would love to help you! Contact us to see how we can help!