Entertainment Law

Sports / Athlete Representation

At Crown®, LLP, we believe athletes are entertainers with many of the same concerns as other creative individuals, but with an overlay of sport-specific issues. We provide counsel, contract negotiation, and support to athletes, coaches, and sporting event producers on the broad range of business issues and agreements that may arise, all with an eye on complying with the applicable structure of your sport, whether it be the NCAA, Players’ unions, or group licensing agreements.

We also provide representation in proceedings concerning:

  • NCAA athlete “NIL” negotiations
  • Assist athletes, agents, event producers, and product / services marketers in negotiating and drafting sponsorship and endorsement agreements
  • Permits and other necessary agreements for live sporting events

We also assist athletes and other high-profile individuals in their efforts to protect and leverage their celebrity/publicity rights into a broad range of business endeavors, including:

If you are in the sports industry or are an athlete in need of representation, we would love to work with you. Contact us today to get started!