Intellectual Property Law


At Crown®, LLP, in addition to securing your rights, we oversee your portfolio and negotiate trademark, copyright, and right of publicity licenses to ensure that you have what you need and are protected.

Why is licensing important?

A well-written license agreement clearly states the rights and obligations of both the licensee and the licensor. Before you grant a third-party permission to use your trademark, copyright, or right of publicity, make sure you are represented and protected. Likewise, before you engage someone to create original materials for your use, make sure that you have binding, enforceable written agreements in place before the work starts. This enables you to legally use the materials you have paid for.

How you choose to license your trademarks or creative works will directly impact your brand’s or copyrightable work’s value, goodwill, profit, and control. Similarly, how you choose to license a third party’s trademarks or creative works will determine how you can use those branding elements or artistic works to maximum benefit. Crown®, LLP provides experienced counsel and negotiates on your behalf when you choose to license your own brand, creative works, or right of publicity (aka “NIL”), ensuring that you secure the value desired. We also provide counsel, negotiation, and contract drafting and review services to those seeking to buy or license the intellectual property of others, ensuring that you have the rights needed to use materials created or owned by third parties in the manner that you wish.

There is substantial complexity in these transactions, so hiring an experienced intellectual property attorney to oversee, provide counsel, and negotiate on your behalf is essential. If you would like to have more control over how your intellectual property is used, licensed, and sold, or if you are seeking to use the intellectual property of others, contact the attorneys at Crown® LLP.